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Toad for IBM DB2 5.6

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Configure DB2 Client Connections

Toad for DB2 requires two phases to set up connections to the DB2 for LUW databases and DB2 for z/OS subsystems that you want Toad to manage.

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Define DB2 Client Connections

The first phase is to catalog each of these databases or subsystems on the DB2 client installed with Toad. Toad provides the following methods for cataloging the systems:

Note: Toad for DB2 supports LDAP connections. See Configure DB2 LDAP Support for more information.

Maintain DB2 Client Connections

Additionally, Toad provides functionality to perform the following maintenance on the catalog you set up for the current Toad DB2 client:

After you have set up the catalog on the current Toad DB2 client, you can proceed to the second phase of the Toad connection setup. This phase involves creating Toad connection profiles for the cataloged DB2 databases or subsystems. See Create Toad Connection Profiles for DB2 for more information.


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